Front Door Style Guide


The front door is the centerpiece of your home’s façade. Effectively remodeling the front door can unify your home’s design and instill an inviting appearance. Upgrading the front door also boosts the aesthetic value of your home, increasing property value. However, the process of selecting the right style and design can be overwhelming. To simplify these decisions, here is a guide to popular front door style concepts.


Solid wood doors offer an elegant aesthetic. Withstanding years of heavy use, solid wood doors are a long-term investment. However, wooden doors pose some drawbacks. First, wood doors need occasional repainting or staining to maintain their brilliant hue. Despite their sturdiness against intruders, heavy rainfall can ultimately warp or rot these doors. Lastly, wood doors are among the most expensive on the market. Despite upkeep and expense, solid wood doors instill a refined entryway look.


Increasingly popular, fiberglass doors provide the aesthetic of a wooden door with comparatively low maintenance. These doors maintain a distinguished visual appeal even in Florida’s rainy seasons. Sold in a variety of styles, fiberglass doors are customizable to align with the rest of your home’s style. For a tasteful and sturdy look, consider fiberglass.


For a visibly sturdy appearance, consider upgrading to a steel door. Designed with internal core insulation, steel doors are one of the most energy efficient types. Depending on your sunlight and privacy needs, steel doors are customizable to fit a variety of glass inserts. Likewise, steel doors may be customized to different degrees of thickness, according to your emphasis on security. Steel is better equipped than other materials to handle torrential downpours. For optimal durability and an industrial aesthetic, steel doors are the way to go.


A glass door is a popular choice for those seeking a modern appearance. Glass doors also welcome a healthy dose of natural sunlight. However, if you enjoy this aesthetic but dislike the transparency of a single glass pane, consider a glass-paneled door. Glass panels can also be implemented into wood, fiberglass, and steel doors. These windows invite similarly high amounts of natural light while obscuring more of your home. Likewise, glass inserts can be glazed to provide different levels of transparency. Shapes and patterns of door panels can also be customized to accommodate design needs. Overall, a glass door instills a modern appearance and invites abundant sunlight.


For larger homes, consider implementing double doors. Double doors imbue your home’s façade with a grandeur certain to leave a lasting impact. These large sweeping doors facilitate moving large objects as well as the bustle of a populated gathering. Double doors may be purchased in steel, glass, or wood. Whatever your style preference, double doors provide a visually captivating entryway centerpiece.


Remodeling the front door can bolster the visual appeal of your home’s façade. Choosing an effective front door design is especially important in cultivating a cohesive image. Door styles are sold in a variety of materials including wood, fiberglass, steel, and glass. Knowing your design and sunlight needs makes navigating door styles much simpler. Overall, the appearance of a front door has tremendous influence on the attractiveness of your entryway.  


Stephen Levy

Home & Yard Magazine