Create Your Sports Back Yard


If your family likes to have fun, enjoys the outdoors, and is active, consider utilizing your back yard to do just that. When you design the landscape of your back yard, you could dedicate a section to your favorite activities, hobbies, or the kids’ sports. This will not only allow you to be active and have a space to entertain, but it will also excite the kids and encourage them to be active. Whether you or your loved ones are into basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, or another sport, when deciding on the design you want for your back yard, there are some things you will want to consider. Is there an existing area in your yard that you can use? Is there enough space to dedicate to the sports or activities you wish to participate in? Can the area you design grow with your family? Do you want the area and equipment to be portable or permanent? The functionality of this space relies on how you decide to design it. Below are some ideas for creating your sports back yard.


There are ways to make your backyard space work for everyone. With a bigger yard, you have the option of being more elaborate and creative. With a smaller yard, you might need to utilize one area for a few different sports or activities. Consider how the design of this area can serve multiple purposes and have multiple uses, especially if you have children of different ages and with different interests. Children grow up fast, and their interests may change as they grow older. So, consider how your space can be converted over the years to accommodate those changes.


Once you have chosen the space and sport/activity you wish to build for, you will need to purchase the proper equipment. Decide if you want the hoops or posts for net bases to be permanently cemented into the court itself or if purchasing portable ones is better suited for your needs. Having permanent equipment will ensure that the posts and nets are stable. However, you will not be able to temporarily move the permanent equipment if you want to use the space for a different activity/event or you decide you no longer want to play that sport or activity. Portable equipment allows you to move the equipment around or take it down, especially if you are using that area for multiple sports.


Many families add concrete slabs in their back yards because they are durable and serve multiple purposes. If your yard does not already have a concrete slab, you will want to prep the area before pouring your concrete. Measure out the area you will be using and rope it off. Make sure you measure the appropriate dimensions for the sport court you wish to create, ensuring that it fits in your yard. Next, you will want to level the ground where you will be pouring the concrete to create a level surface. After everything is measured and prepped, you are ready to pour the concrete. After pouring the concrete, you will want to let it dry and settle. To make sure it is done right and to take some pressure off, consider hiring a contractor to help complete this project correctly. Once the concrete has dried, you will be ready to use this area for multiple sports. You may consider covering the concrete slab with a rubberized-type flooring or multi-sport court surface. This allows you to convert the area for whichever sport you wish to play, including basketball, tennis, volleyball, shuffleboard, kickball and more. The multi-sport court allows for more shock absorption if you fall, helping to prevent more serious injuries from occurring.


If you wish to create a space that requires less labor and is less expensive, you can utilize the grass you already have in your back yard. You may consider purchasing artificial turf to place over your grass, as some artificial turf lies over a shock-absorbing padded surface that can help reduce the possibility of impact injuries and injuries resulting from falls. Artificial turf is relatively inexpensive, requires little to no maintenance, and allows a space for sports like soccer, volleyball, football, and baseball.


Creating a soccer field is easy and requires little work. Simply purchase a soccer goal and set it up in your back yard where there is room to run around. After you set up the goal and purchase soccer balls, you are ready to play.


You can create a baseball or football field using the grass you already have in your back yard. In order to create a baseball field, you can purchase an at-home baseball kit from your local sporting goods store. This kit includes bases, bats, and baseballs. Simply place the bases in the grass in your back yard to create the baseball diamond. If you want the field to feel more official, you can use temporary marking paint and spray your grass to create the diamond of the baseball field. Temporary marking paint will last about a month, so it will not permanently damage your yard. Creating a football field requires little preparation because all you need is a football and some grass. Again, if you wish to create a more official football field, use the temporary marking paint to create the field.


You might also choose to remove a section of your lawn and replace it with sand, which can be utilized for volleyball. You will need to purchase a volleyball net and volleyballs. This sand pit can also double as a relaxation area by setting up your beach chairs and enjoying some music and a refreshing drink.


Whatever design you decide to choose, having a sporting area in your back yard is a great way to be active. Having a space that serves multiple purposes and has multiple uses makes your back yard and staying home much more enjoyable. A space like this shared with family and friends brings us joy and helps us stay healthy both mentally and physically.   


Maxwell White

Home & Yard Magazine