How to Improve Your Landscape


One of the most overlooked aspects of a house is the yard that is surrounding it. The front and back yards work together to add value to the house. Think about your yard from the perspective of visitors. Unless you have a fence around your yard, would they see beauty or clutter as they arrive? Is it vibrant or dull? If you are unhappy with the answers to these questions, now is the time to up your game and improve the look of your home with some new landscaping.


First, figure out what you would like to do with your yard. Tailor your yard with different styles or designs that fit the needs of your lifestyle. To start, clear out any unnecessary items in your yard, and sketch out the layout of your front and back yards. This will allow you to have a clearer picture of what is possible with your yard, which will help you determine if you can do it yourself or if you need to hire a professional. Professional landscapers are creative and have a strong sense of design. They understand how to match different types of plants and flowers as well as the type of soil they will thrive in. Together, you can make your ideas come to life.


The back yard can be a place to relax and hang out. The size and shape of your back yard, as well as knowing how much sunlight or shade it receives, can help guide your landscaping ideas. A simple layout may make the most sense for a smaller back yard, whereas a larger area allows for a more dynamic layout. As you navigate through ideas, be open to trial and error. Consider different options, such as potted plants with different shaped containers, flowers with a variety of colors, experimenting with layering plants and flowers in different locations, and small beds and boarders with mulch, rocks, or stones. You might consider adding a pool, pond, fountain, or an outdoor fireplace to achieve a more relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Do not forget to add lighting for the evening and nighttime. Keep in mind that the back yard is for you, serving as an extension of your home, personality, and lifestyle.


The front yard is a little different from the back yard. The front yard adds to the curb appeal, complements the aesthetic of the house, and can make your house look clean and inviting. Mixing greenery and colorful flowers makes the yard stand out. You might create well-defined beds using stones, bricks, or rugged garden edging and adding different plants and flowers surrounded by mulch, rocks, or stones. Depending on the size of your yard and house, trees and shrubs create a beautiful, natural feeling. You might create a path, or walkway, with pavers or bricks, from the front door to the driveway or down to the street. Adding lights to the walkway complements the look of the house at nighttime. Let’s not forget that a healthy green lawn is the canvas for your landscaping, so it is important to maintain your lawn in order to create a beautiful landscape.


The most important part of landscaping is research and planning. Understanding what kind of work and time it will take to accomplish your desired yard will help you decide on whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. A professional has the knowledge to help pick the perfect arrangement of plants and soil and how to properly maintain them. Also, remember that landscaping requires equipment, and this equipment can be costly to purchase and maintain.


The truth is landscaping can be a lot of work and time consuming. The question becomes, “What can you do yourself and what do you need help with?” It is possible to take a hybrid approach where you work together with the professionals. You can experiment with completing some of the smaller and simpler tasks while the professionals can tackle the harder and more complicated work. Although not impossible, it can be tough to match the quality of a professional landscaper. Professional landscapers possess the necessary knowledge to assist you with any ideas, questions, and possible problems. With the diligent work that these professionals provide, they can save you time, money, and energy in the long run. Whatever path you choose, there is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful lawn to complement your home. 


Maxwell White

Home & Yard Magazine