Avoid Regrets by Planning Your Kitchen Upgrade


The kitchen serves as command-central of most homes, so it is also one of the first rooms homeowners choose when it is time to make upgrades. When approaching your kitchen remodel, it is important to keep your family’s lifestyle at the forefront of your planning to create a space that fits the way you like to live. Get the most livable space and enjoyment out of a kitchen remodel with these tips:


Make purposeful changes. A desire to bring your kitchen’s style up to date is plenty of motivation for a renovation, but to get maximum benefit from your new space, spend time considering what functional improvements you can make too. Do you need more cabinets for storage? Is there enough counter space for meal prep? Does the overall layout suit your family’s needs? Even if you chose the original layout and floorplan, chances are good that over time you have found a few things you would change given the chance to do it again.


Consider physical space. If yours is a family that cooks together, or if guests tend to congregate in the kitchen when you are entertaining, a renovation is the perfect time to make adjustments that accommodate more bodies in the kitchen. You might want more work zones for multiple cooks or an island or peninsula set away from the high-traffic zone for guests more interested in snacking and chatting than getting hands on. Also, think about features that would make the table space more practical, such as task lighting so kids can tackle homework at the table or convenient access to power for laptops.


Evaluate your shopping style. Grocery shopping can be fun until you get home and have to reorganize your pantry to fit all of your new meal supplies and snacks. However, with a larger refrigerator and more pantry space, your shopping habits could change, allowing you to become a bulk shopper or at least increase the time between shopping trips.


Be realistic about mealtime. If your family’s activities have everyone eating at different times, you may benefit from a feature like a warming drawer. This can help you keep dinner warm until each family member makes it home for a meal.


Choose appliances with care. It is easy to get carried away with all of the design elements that go into a kitchen renovation, but at the end of the day, remember the appliances are the true centerpiece of the space. Be sure to leave room in the budget to select the best appliances for your needs so you have all the functions, features, and space to make using your new kitchen as enjoyable as possible.


Think into the future. A kitchen renovation can be a costly venture, so it is a good idea to project years down the road as you consider your needs. Are there features that would enhance the safety if a baby (that soon will become an inquisitive toddler) joins the family? Are there elderly family members who may benefit from a lower or higher work station down the road? Some safety features can be added later, but consider what if any large-scale changes would need to be made to accommodate future situations.


Take some time to think through these tips as you plan your kitchen remodel. Carefully consider what upgrades are the best choice for your family. Once you determine your needs and preferences, you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen for years to come!


Article Courtesy of FamilyFeatures.com

Special Thanks to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry