Happily Ever After at the North Florida Home Show


Now, more than ever we are craving a safe haven, a space that meets our new needs of combining work, school, play and calm in our homes. We are busy creating retreats within our personal spaces, and the North Florida Home Show, Feb. 5-7 at the Donald L Tucker Civic Center, Tallahassee is just the remedy to help homeowners navigate this chapter.


According to a CNBC report, there has been a marked increase in project leads for home professionals since June of 2020. Demand for remodeling and building of both indoor and outdoor spaces has doubled and tripled in some areas. All of this has caused remodeling, landscaping and building professionals to adapt to safely connect with their customers to meet this demand in a world dominated by social and professional distancing. The exhibitors at the NFHS are prepared to meet this increased demand with professionalism and expertise.


Kitchen and bath remodeling, which has always been a strong choice, has seen a 40% jump in demand. We are staying at home more forgoing eating out and vacations, which translates to spending more of our disposable income on improving our home and outdoor spaces.  The NFHS exhibitors span the range of services that now more than ever local residents are requesting.


With many of us working and schooling from home, countless homeowners are choosing to make major renovations to their homes, according to a NY Times report. Many families are looking outward for more space, concentrating on adding space in innovative ways outdoors. Improvements in technology and adapting previously common areas to double as private spaces for work and study are on the rise.  The 2021 NFHS will safely bring together local professionals who understand your needs and can provide know-how in guiding homeowners through the process of creating a home that meets their changing needs.


For those looking to remodel or build a new home to meet their current, changing needs, the NFHS provides a way to do this safely and efficiently. Guests to the show will be able to meet with professionals and service providers all in one outing, limiting your exposure. The North Florida Home Show will be following guidelines as required by the CDC and state and local officials to ensure the safety of its guests, exhibitors and staff.


Melanie Wickham

North FL Home Show / RR Events LLC