Questions to Ask Plumbers Before Hiring Them


Plumbing systems are vital for any home to properly function. We all know the hassle we have to face when having plumbing problems. When you have a broken sink or a leaking pipeline, besides the high water bills, you have to be at the mercy of your contractor to get to your home. You lose time at the office and important assignments are held up. In such situations, bad can easily turn to worse by hiring the wrong contractor.


When you are looking for a plumber near your home, you need to ask certain questions before hiring the person. Make sure you find out:


Is he or she licensed?

Having the right kind of license will ensure that you get the best job done. A licensed company means it follows industry guidelines when servicing its customers. If a company isn’t licensed, then it is not a company you should put your trust in because it can make you vulnerable to more loss. The company should also be affiliated with various acclaimed organizations in the industry such as CORGI, HVCA or NICEIC. This will further prove that the company is on top of the curve.


Is he or she experienced?

Merely having the license and registrations in place aren’t necessarily enough to ensure quality service. You need to make certain that the company must have been in business for a while with good reviews. This will save you the hassle of losing more time on your problem. Experienced professionals guarantee that they will be able to provide you with a high quality job in record time.


Are their employees insured?

Insured staff should be preferred as they will be able to finish the job quickly and efficiently. There are many companies who don’t really insure their staff putting the onus on the client to pay for damages if any employees suffer due to any accidents that occur on the job.


What about warranty?

A contractor must be able to guarantee their job. If he or she shies away from backing his or her work, you should be cautious. This is absolutely vital as you don’t want to shell out more money in maintenance fees for a problem that should have been fixed the first time around.


There are various other considerations you need to make in order to select the right expert for the job. Lastly, remember that a job well done deserves proper compensation, so choose a contractor who charges a reasonable price because a contractor who quotes rock bottom prices may leave you poorer in the long run.


By Melville Jackson