Preparing your Plants and Trees for Winter


Why Mulch or Pine Straw in the Fall?


Mulch and pine straw are two of the most beneficial things a homeowner can do to keep plants and trees healthy.


The generally recommended depth is three to six inches depending on which you choose.  When applied properly, each can:

  • shield your plants’ roots from some of the worst of winter’s cold
  • control erosion
  • maintain soil moisture
  • maintain valuable nutrients
  • control weeds
  • improve soil structure
  • inhibit certain plant diseases


What kind is best?

Natural mulch or straw (as opposed to inorganic ones like glass, plastic, or rubber) are great because they will break down over time, adding nutrients and organic matter to your soil. The worms and microbes in the soil will break down organic mulches over time, which will result in healthier soil life.


Pine Straw and cypress mulches are two great natural choices with many benefits.  Both:

  • help prevent loss of topsoil from wind and water erosion
  • provide nourishment and aeration to underlying soil by decomposition
  • let water and oxygen move freely into the soil
  • reduce water usage by maintaining soil moisture
  • reduce rainwater runoff
  • reduce soil compaction
  • lesson soil temperature fluctuations
  • reduce weed growth
  • insulate soil to keep plants cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • improve soil aeration, structure, and drainage over time
  • improve soil fertility
  • are visually appealing


Need help, got questions?  Get your best advice from a local Lawn and Landscaping professional.  They know the area and can advise you on what will work best in your yard.