Decorating for the Holidays


Decorating for the holidays need not be stressful. Start in advance and have a plan. Is your artificial tree in good shape? If not, purchase one early for best selection. Check your lights in advance to see if they are working prior to setting up the tree, and if necessary purchase new lights. Perhaps, set up the tree and put lights on it one day, and save the more fun decorating for another day.


Artificial Trees…

Start with a quality tree, wreath and garland.  Artificial trees vary tremendously so purchase a good quality tree. You may spend a little more but you will get numerous years of pleasure. Pre-lit trees are a plus too, no more tangled mess of lights to deal with. Pre-lit trees come with white or colored lights already strung on the tree. LED lights are also an option. All you need to do is put the sections of a pre-lit tree together. Gone are the days of putting the tree together branch by branch!  Wreaths now come from 2 feet to 6 feet across. The large wreaths look amazing on a large house or office building. Wreaths are now available with lights and battery operated wreaths are also an option. Garland is great, not just for your mantle, but around a doorway or down the banister of your staircase. Choose from Magnolia leaves for a Southern charm, pine for a more casual feel, or the old standard, fir garland. Don’t forget to finish your wreath or garland with a custom made bow made with the ribbon of your choice.


Real Christmas Trees

Real trees provide that wonderful aroma we love at Christmas time. Consider purchasing a tree from a garden center that cuts the trees with a fresh cut after they arrive from the tree farms. Also, check to see if the trees are kept in water until you choose your tree. This really helps to prolong the life of the tree.


Outdoor Decorating

Don’t forget the outdoors, the selection for outdoor decorations is extensive from Nativity sets to whimsical animals. The lighted balls that you are able to hang from trees and porches are also a nice addition to your outdoor decorating. Want to have a house like in the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? LED lights are the way to go, they use a lot less energy, and you can put numerous strands together without creating a fire hazard.


Selecting the lights

Twinkling lights, icicle lights, Rope lights, white, or colored, large, medium or small the selections are seemingly endless. Commercial grade LED’s are great, you will spend a little more, but they will last for years.


Double your pleasure with more than one tree

Perhaps you have a formal tree in the Living room and want to add a tree elsewhere in the house.  Start with a small second tree, collect ornaments of a like color or theme. If you collect something or have a hobby, use that for a basis of a new theme. Do you love owls or perhaps sports is your thing, you can create a tree with ornaments, lights and ribbon that all center around the theme. Another option for a new look is a whimsical tree with elves and lots of bright colors; lime green is a popular fun color to add to your tree. The whimsical look is a lot of fun and makes us remember our childhood; and the children love this look too!


For small spaces, 3-5ft trees, or slim and pencil trees might be your answer, these allow you to have a tree in small quarters or, a tree in every room!



Another option for decorating is collectibles, start a collection of Santas, Fairies, or any other type item you love.  Collect Houses to create a village scene, this is lots of fun and can provide the whole family an opportunity to decorate together. Villages can be extensive or can just be a pretty lighted church scene on a side table with a few accessories.


Help is available

Is setting up and decorating a tree a daunting task? Hire a Christmas designer to use the decorations you already have or have them help freshen up your look with something new and exciting. Designers usually need to be scheduled well in advance.


by Brenda C. O’Kelley

Esposito Garden Center