Florida Friendly Yards Save Money, Protect Water

Florida’s abundant lakes, springs, and rivers make it easy to overlook that water is a finite and fragile resource. The job of protecting water starts at home, where its biggest…
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Fire Management 101

Language once seemed the most obvious ability that set humans apart from other species. But as we study the intricacies of communication in species other than our own, we learn…
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Fire Management 101
Flatwoods, pine sandhills and sand pine/scrub oak communities, and the wildlife within them, need fire to remain healthy. Prescribed fire is a land management tool at Ochlockonee River State Park, a fire dependent ecosystem.

The Buzz on Pollinators

Why should you “bee” concerned?  Put simply, we should be concerned because we all must eat.  In order to do so, pollinators are a requirement for most plants to propagate.…
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