Choosing Window Treatments: 7 Secrets from an Industry Insider


After working with window treatments for 20 years, Karin Miller, Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development for 3 Day Blinds, is an expert on how to frame windows with the newest fashions, affordably. “There are so many tips a homeowner needs to know before making a decision,” Miller says. “Beauty on a budget can go hand in hand with lasting quality, if you know where to shop and what to buy.”


Custom made or off the shelf?

In today’s economy, homeowners want the best bang for their buck. But price tags don’t always tell the whole story. Custom window treatments are made to your exact specifications from a virtually unlimited array of material choices. Because they fit your windows perfectly, they are both beautiful and functional, unlike discount retailers that sell off-the-shelf products and can’t guarantee a custom fit.


Where to buy?

From home improvement centers to department stores, websites to catalogs, there are many interior design sources offering window treatment options. But when a homeowner wants to combine quality and value, working with a knowledgeable expert backed by a reputable manufacturer is key. There is tremendous peace-of-mind in knowing you’re working with a product expert with solid training and real world experience.


How do I choose?

Wondering which treatments to choose? Shutters, Honeycomb Shades and Blinds, Sheer Shadings, Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Woven Wood Shades, Vertical Blinds, Roller Shades, Roman Shades, and Mini Blinds are just a few of the popular window treatments in demand, today. Each treatment style provides a special look and feel to a room. Room lighting and light from outdoors will transform colors, fabrics and textures in unexpected ways. Always try to view samples of window treatments in the light of your own home, before you buy.


Good and fast!

Every homeowner wants quality, but most also need their window treatments yesterday. So how can consumers get the lush fabrics and designer colors they want in a reasonable time frame? Buy from a supplier that controls manufacturing. If they put your product into production the day after the order is placed and have a reputation for quick, professional installation, you’ve got it made.


Can I get both light control and good insulation?

If your room requires both light control and good insulation, there is a brand new window treatment option. With their cellular construction, Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds combine the superior, energy-saving insulation of a Honeycomb Shade. However, the cells are designed to collapse to form vanes that provide the light control of a horizontal blind. When the blind is raised, you enjoy an unobstructed view. Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds are fashionable and will complement any décor.


What about privacy?

Privacy is an important factor for almost everyone.  All window treatments provide some privacy and some are available with options that provide added privacy. Look for shades that offer a top down bottom up option, maintaining privacy below while allowing the light to shine in above, or add a lining behind shades made from your favorite fabric or material.


My room with a view!

If you love your view, window treatments should frame nature’s wonders or fabulous cityscapes without detracting from the vista. If maintaining your view when your window treatment is open is an important consideration, choose a window treatment that stacks tightly when opened, or an outside mount that is large enough for the product to stack above or to the side of your window.  Maximizing your connection with the outdoor environment almost always can be achieved.