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Dedicated to Tallahassee Home Owners
Provides Targeted Articles
Local Spotlight on New Business Owners
Also Spotlights Creative Improvement Ideas
Delivered to Most Area Home Improvement Businesses
Direct Mailed to Most Upper Income Residences
Prices Include All Artwork, Postage and Set-up for Ads
Placed on Racks throughout Big Bend Area



Dale A. Joyce
Joyce Publishing, Inc
850-309-1400 (off)
850-309-1401 (fax)
Corporate Office
2940 C East Park Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301


Most of the deliveries of the Home and Yard Magazine are indicated in the lighter area on the right side of the map.
Homes with an income of over $81,000.00 are targeted as well as many hot spots throughout Greater Tallahassee.